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Hi, My name is Jason Simpson, welcome to my contribution to the VIRTUAL SAILOR and VEHICLE SIMULATOR Experience. VIRTUAL SAILOR and VEHICLE SIMULATOR are virtual simulators, which allow ships/sailboats/submarines/planes/balloons basically any form of vehicle/craft to be used in a virtual world. Over the years, I've developed (with the exception of a SML and LSH) every class of recent and present RAN vessel which people can download and have their own virtual wargames or in-company serials. I've tried to be as accurate as possible when it comes to my models. I've also created some vessels from other navies (USN, France, Netherlands, RN, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Poland and even ROC). There are some "Free-Lance" designs as well and some fun ones. Of course my earlier models were a bit lacking in detail, however over the years my modelling skills have developed further and more detail has been added to recent models. 

If you are an old salt and wish to relive some of your days in the Navy without having to keep a watch, then you should download and pay for the software from ILAN PAPINI's (Simulator developer) website Its definitely worth the money. There is even a support forum on the internet when people can advertise their work and works in progress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that there are now two versions of Virtual Sailor available (VS and VS:NG). My Vehicle Simulator models will work with Vehicle Simulator or Virtual Sailor NG ONLY, they will not work with the earlier versions of Virtual Sailor. Due to the folder structure, you may need to change the "Installation Path" for the self extracting .exe files.

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Project 084

ADV Cape Inscription

Royal Australian Navy

Project 085

ADV Cape Otway

Royal Australian Navy

Project 086


Royal New Zealand Navy